Our Story

Hammer and Tong is an award-winning boutique transmedia studio creating digital content for the integrated media landscape.

We use innovative technology to tell stories that have not been told. We explore history and work with communities to develop inter-cultural content for streaming, VR, AR, and interactive platforms.


  • 2023

    Shadow of the Rougarou

    A dark-western limited series and the first chapter of a unique, multi-platform expression of Métis lore and legacy. Enter the Rougaverse.

  • 2022


    An XR time-traveling narrative through a man’s memories as he struggles through family expectations, systemic racism, and the search for love in Chinatown.
    Launching Autumn 2022.

  • 2021

    A Seat at the Table

    A multi-media exhibition exploring historical and contemporary stories of Chinese Canadians and their struggles for belonging.
    At the Museum of Vancouver until January 2023.

  • 2020

    Sisters of Sorrow

    An all-female biker gang track an otherworldly thief and find themselves ensnared in an ongoing struggle between dark and light.

  • 2019

    Fox Creates the Day

    An interpretation of a Kluane creation tale told at the intersection of authentic oral storytelling and virtual reality animation techniques.

  • 2018


    An interactive live-action VR experience based on Woodland Cree storytelling about a supernatural entity that stalks the forest.
    Premiered at Sitges



A future where culturally-diverse content flows across media platforms engaging audiences in complementary but distinct ways.


Our transmedia strategy starts with developing strong core narrative from which to build integrated media ecosystems. These multiple points of contact create stronger relationships with users by providing unified layers for deeper discovery.

Rather than seeing diverse media as in competition with each other, we see an interconnected web of possibility, an expanded landscape of richer narrative potential.

By combining media channels with unified messaging, and leveraging the benefits unique to each platform, we produce holistic, integrated, immersive, and overlapping experiences.

How we experience a story impacts how we understand it.


Our diverse and dynamic team comes from all corners of the globe and includes designers, writers, artists, programmers, researchers, and technologists.

Our company culture is respectful, inclusive, and determined to help build a more representative content ecosystem.